Monday, July 4, 2011

New tile mural design.

HI, The painting of the new mural design is finished. I painted it in watercolor on a piece of Masonite.
You say that Masonite won't accept watercolor? well, there is a new product by Daniel Smith. It is an acrylic paint that when cured acts like watercolor canvas. If interested, click on link and search watercolor ground.
Here is the finished design.

Now the work begins.  Kevin is pictured here pugging the clay. (We use a special mix of clay that when fired to the correct temperature will lay down flat and will become water proof (like porcelain) .

We pug all the clay that is used because if it isn't mixed completely, it will have white streaks in it after firing. Most of the glazes that we use are transparent so white streaks don't look good.

After the pugs ( clay tootsie rolls)  sit for a day, they are rolled into slabs. these will be joined on the table into 1 large slab. this is when we do the cutting and sculpting. More on that another day.

Kevin is transfering the painting into a pattern.

We will continue the project later this week. 
See ya

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