Saturday, August 3, 2019

Website Change

Fawn at Dawn 
A change of website.
  It is now time for me to downsize and simplify. In the past few years I have maintained 3 websites and this blog (which I have not done a very good job) I admit. I have decided that only 1 website and a blog, possibly a newsletter, will be enough.
  After much thought, I have decided to stay with my Daily Paintworks website and eliminate all others.
  I have found that the DailyPaintworks website allows me everything I need to show my artwork and to promote it at a reasonable cost.
  The art tracking grid alone is worth it!!  Plus it is easy to link to social media.
  I will still be using the web address of which will now take you to my only website starting on 8/4/19
Now that my life is going to simplified, I will have more time to paint and post.